fetal well-being scan (15-18 or 23-40 weeks) – £190

fetal wellbeing scan image

As the title suggests, this scan is often chosen by parents who would like a little bit of extra reassurance that all is well, or at earlier gestation’s, they are really keen to know the sex of their baby.

This scan aims to determine how your baby is growing by measuring different parts of their body, including their head, abdomen and thigh bone, and calculating an estimation of how much baby weighs. We will also evaluate the position and appearance of your placenta (especially important if you have had previous caesarean sections or uterine surgeries), measure the amniotic fluid and assess the blood flow to your baby using colour Doppler’s.

The most useful times for this scan are between 28 and 36 weeks, but we will be happy to discuss with you the best time for you depending on your personal circumstances, pregnancy complications and reasons for wanting a scan.

Please note, between 15 and 18 weeks, as baby is still very small, it won’t be possible to have a thorough look at their anatomy.

Book your fetal wellbeing scan with SHEcares, or contact us with any questions.

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