Ultrasound scans during pregnancy have been shown to be safe for both you and your baby. You may choose to have a scan during your pregnancy for many different reasons, from simple reassurance, to a second opinion in the case a problem has been identified. Whatever your reason, we can guarantee that your ultrasound scan will be performed to the highest standard and backed up with informative and sensitive counselling.

We offer a selection of scan options so that you can choose to have a one-off scan if you would like extra reassurance at any stage of your pregnancy. Alternatively, if you would like to experience the benefits of continuity of having your scans carried out by the same person, a choice of scan bundle packages are also available. All our scans are carried out at Kingston Hospital Maternity Department. Please see our contacts page for more details. 

Please click on the below for more details on what to expect at each scan.

cropped-scl-square.png early pregnancy or dating scan – 7-10 weeks

cropped-scl-square.png nuchal translucency/ early anomaly – 11-13+6 weeks

cropped-scl-square.png anomaly scan – 18-22 weeks

cropped-scl-square.png cervical length scan – 7-24 weeks

cropped-scl-square.png fetal well-being scan – 15-18 and 23-40 weeks

cropped-scl-square.png post-dates scan (40-41 weeks)

cropped-scl-square.png 3D/ 4D scans

cropped-scl-square.png non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT)

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