pre-pregnancy counselling – £130

If you are planning on trying for a baby, our pre-pregnancy counselling service can help you. Pregnancy can be affected by many things, including medical conditions, lifestyle and what happened in previous pregnancies.

Maybe you have had difficulty in falling pregnant in the past and would like advice on how to give yourself the best chance of being successful in the future. Changes to lifestyle and life habits can make all the difference to achieving your goal of pregnancy. We can help you identify and then make those changes.

Maybe you have had a previous pregnancy in which your baby was diagnosed with a condition prior to or after birth and you would like to understand what impact this may have on future pregnancies. An appointment with our Fetal Medicine Consultant Obstetrician can help you understand the condition better and discuss your options for future pregnancies, including the likelihood of them being similarly affected.

Alternatively, you may have a specific medical condition and would like to explore what effects this could have on pregnancy, such as diabetes, lupus or epilepsy. You are probably aware that such conditions can impact on pregnancy, but are looking for specific advice and recommendations that will give you the best chance of a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Your previous birth may not have been as you planned, for example having an unplanned caesarean, or a third or fourth degree tear. Understanding your options next time around before you get pregnant can help you come to terms with what has happened in the past so that it doesn’t dampen your next pregnancy experience. Often this can make the difference between a positive birth experience and one which is not so positive.

Our dedicated team of expert Obstetricians can give you the time and space to ask questions and explore your specific circumstances to help you understand fully any implications on pregnancy that you need to know. Together, we will then be able to make a plan to support you to become pregnant and plan for birth.

Book an appointment today to discuss with an Obstetrician your specific concerns and have all your questions answered in a non-rushed, professional environment with SHEcares – the specialists in caring for women before, during and after their pregnancy.

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