post-dates scan (40-41 weeks) – £190

post dates scan image

If you are still pregnant after 40 weeks and would like reassurance regarding the well being of your baby, this is the right scan for you. We will assess baby’s position and movements, amount of amniotic fluid and will also estimate their weight. Please be aware that this is only an estimate and will not tell you exactly how much your baby is going to weigh, as 10% discrepancies up or down of what is estimated are very common.

The blood flow to your baby and placenta will be measured as an additional test of how your baby is doing and how well your placenta is functioning. Ultrasound images of your baby at this stage are usually less clear, as by now, there will not be much room around baby. Irrespective of any scan results, it is very important that you continue monitoring your baby’s movements and attend your maternity unit if you feel their frequency is reduced or changed in pattern.

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