online midwifery and obstetrician consultations

Want to discuss your pregnancy or ask questions, but would prefer to do so from the comfort of your own home? Then our online consultations are just for you.

Our experienced midwives can advise you from the start of your pregnancy, right through to helping you develop the right birth plan and preferences for you. No question or concern is too small or silly and you can be assured that the advice you are given is evidence based and honest, whilst  keeping you at the centre of care.

Similarly, our Consultant Obstetricians can offer their expertise or give a second opinion as required. We can offer this service in both English and Portuguese.

In all cases, you will receive an electronic report of your discussion to refer back to as and when you need to. All consultations are 30 minutes long – and all without needing to leave your couch!

For prices please see here, or for more information and to book, contact us.


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