obstetric consultations – £230

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Discuss your pregnancy with an experienced Consultant Obstetrician.

Those women who have underlying health conditions are recommended to have input from an Obstetrician to plan their care during pregnancy. Similarly, you may have been put on a ‘low risk’ pathway, and therefore will only see midwives under the NHS, but feel you could benefit from seeing an obstetrician as well at some point during your pregnancy.

From developing a unique care plan in partnership with you, getting a second opinion on scan results, to discussing options for birthing your baby, our friendly and approachable team of Consultant Obstetricians are here to help you.

Your appointment will also include a brief scan to check on baby’s wellbeing.

Please note, we do not provide emergency care. If you suffer from any of the following during your pregnancy, it is vital that you contact the maternity department you are booked with immediately:

blurred vision or flashing lights in your eyes

 severe headache

sudden swelling

vaginal bleeding

leaking of liquor (fluid around your baby)

persistent itching, particularly on the palms of your hands or soles of your feet

severe abdominal pain

change or reduction in baby’s movements

Contact us for more information, or book your appointment.

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