complete midwifery and obstetric scan care bundle – £2285

complete midwifery and obstetric scan care bundle

Complete midwifery and obstetric scan care bundle – £2285

This bundle is ideal for those who would like continuity of carer throughout their pregnancy. All of your antenatal care will be provided by a dedicated team of midwife and obstetrician working together to provide you with the perfect balance. All midwifery appointments are an hour long and will be in your home; the obstetric antenatal scan appointments will be carried out at our central Kingston clinic.

Included in the price is ‘midwife on call’ to answer any non-urgent queries via email at all stages of your pregnancy.

You will need to have your booking and 28 week appointments at the NHS Maternity Care Provider of your choice, so that they can care for you during labour, birth and the postnatal period.

The bundle includes:

gestation & appointment type complete midwifery and obstetric scan antenatal care bundle
viability scan (7-10/40)
nuchal (11+3-13+6/40)
16/40 MW
anomaly (18-23/40)
24/40 MW
28/40 fetal wellbeing scan
32/40 MW
32/40 fetal wellbeing scan
34/40 MW
36/40 MW
36/40 fetal wellbeing scan
38/40 MW
40/40 MW
41/40 fetal wellbeing scan*
Price of bundle  £    2,285.00

*if still pregnant

Please contact us for more information.

Please note, we do not provide emergency care. If you suffer from any of the following during your pregnancy, it is vital that you contact the maternity department you are booked with immediately:

cropped-scl-square.png blurred vision or flashing lights in your eyes

cropped-scl-square.png severe headache

cropped-scl-square.png sudden swelling

cropped-scl-square.png vaginal bleeding

cropped-scl-square.png leaking of liquor (fluid around your baby)

cropped-scl-square.png persistent itching, particularly on the palms of your hands or soles of your feet

cropped-scl-square.png severe abdominal pain

cropped-scl-square.png change or reduction in baby’s movements

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