COVID 19 and pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an exciting and scary time in equal measures for most women. There is the balance of looking after yourself and your growing baby, with all the other priorities of life. The current COVID situation has the potential to make this even more difficult and stressful than usual.

Although COVID 19 is a relatively new virus, data has been collected since it was discovered on it’s affects on different groups of people; pregnant women being one of them. So far, healthy, pregnant women, with no underlying medical conditions, don’t seem to be at any greater risk of catching COVID than any other healthy person. Similarly, they don’t seem to be made more ill by the virus.

Therefore, the advice is to follow government recommendations to keep your distance from others, work from home if possible and wash your hands regularly. If you can’t work from home, your employer must carry out a risk assessment with you to make sure that you can safely carry on working.

Those with underlying health conditions should discuss these further with their maternity team, but in general, the above recommendations will always apply. It is also very important to continue with your antenatal care.

For more information, visit: Coronavirus infection and pregnancy (

Stay safe!

Kristina and Susana

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