I’m writing today shortly after returning from a trip to Portugal. I went to enjoy the sun, spend time with family and friends and walk part of St James’ path with my father. Unexpectedly, my trip didn’t end up as I had planned – it rained every single day and my father had a nasty accident on the day of my arrival.

I was reflecting on this and thinking how similar this was to the experience of some women in pregnancy. Pregnancy is a time of many changes, many decisions and lots of expectations. Regardless of whether your pregnancy came unannounced or you have been trying for years and conceived after many cycles of IVF, pregnancy may not always go the way you expected. With the right support, however, you can still have a great pregnancy and a happy baby.

Although nothing really went as expected during my trip, I felt blessed to be there at the time my father needed me most. The rain made me enjoy alternative indoor activities with my children and I realised that learning to adjust to unexpected events can only make them better and more resilient adults in the future.

At SHEcares we are happy to help you navigate your expectations in pregnancy, take care of you and your baby’s safety, and deal with any unexpected circumstances. We are here for you, whatever happens!

I am returning to London with a warm feeling in my heart and a large smile in my face. I left my father making a good recovery and had a great time with family and friends despite the rain.  Now I only have the amusing job of dealing with others’ expectations, seeing me return from a trip to sunny Portugal as pale as I went!

Take care!

Susana Pereira

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